NextHome Beyond

COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the entire world. NextHome Beyond is still working remotely to help buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions.  With the changes to the real estate process, there may be a few new twists to how things are done and the “old normal” may not work, even beyond the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This will change our world, industry, and the way of doing business.  It will also affect the timing of the real estate market in the spring and summer months of our normally busiest time of year.  Please speak with us about your specific situation and how your timeframe may be impacted.  We work both virtually and live with our clients to make sure everyone is as safe as possible during the real estate transaction/s.  Please contact us for more on how we do this. 

Why do you need a real estate brokerage that goes Beyond?  Because it’s your biggest transaction and you deserve service that goes above and beyond!  Our team is involved in the transaction on a very personal and professional level from start to finish, and yes, Beyond that.  Contact us today to find out how we can take your next transaction to the Beyond level.

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